Live Sport in Ned Kelly’s!

Top Sport in HD quality. With up to 4 large TVs as well as a full wall Big Screen, we offer coverage of Football, Rugby, NFL, select AFL and GAA as well as many other sports in an atmosphere comparable only to being live at the game with excellent picture and audio quality. We also cater for customer requests. If there’s a game you would like to see, contact us and we will do our best to show it. We also open early or late to show games outside of our opening hours.

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Monday 26th

Nation’s League – England v Germany 20:45 Book Now!

Tuesday 27th

Nation’s League – Ireland v Armenia 20:45

Nation’s League – Ukraine v Scotland 20:45

Nation’s League – Portugal v Spain 20:45

Friday 30th

B’Liga – FC Bayern München v Bayer Leverkusen 20:30


Saturday 1st

Prem. League – Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur 13:30

B’Liga – Konferenz 15:30

Prem. League – Liverpool v Brighton 16:00

B’Liga – Werder Bremen v B. M’Gladbach 18:30

Prem. League – West Ham v Wolves 18:30

Sunday 2nd

NRL Grand FinalPanthers v Eels 10:30 Book Now!

F1 – Singapore GP 14:00

Prem. League – Manchester City v Manchester United 15:00 Book Now!

NFL GAME DAY – WK 4 Book Now!

Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints 15:30

Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens 19:00

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts 19:00

New England Patriots @ Green Bay Packers 22:25 Please email for late reservations

Denver Broncos @ Las Vegas Raiders 22:25

RedZone 19:00

Monday 3rd

Prem. League – Leicester City v Nottingham Forest 21:00

Tuesday 4th

Champion’s League – FC Bayern München v Viktoria Plzeñ 18:45 Book Now!

Champion’s League – Liverpool v Rangers 21:00 Book Now!

Champion’s League – Eintracht Frankfurt v Tottenham Hotspur 21:00

Champion’s League – Inter Milan v Barcelona 21:00

Wednesday 5th

Champion’s League – RB Leipzig v Celtic 18:45

Champion’s League – FC Salzburg v Dinamo Zagreb 18:45

Champion’s League – Chelsea v AC Milan 21:00

Champion’s League – Manchester City v FC Copenhagen 21:00

Champion’s League – Sevilla v Borussia Dortmund 21:00

Thursday 6th

Europa League – Omonia Nicosia v Manchester United 18:45

Europa League – Arsenal v Bodoe/Glimt 21:00

Friday 7th

B’Liga – TSG Hoffenheim v Werder Bremen 20:30

Saturday 8th

B’Liga – Konferenz 15:30

Prem. League – Chelsea v Wolves 16:00

B’Liga – Borussia Dortmund v FC Bayern München 18:30 Book Now!

Prem. League – Brighton v Tottenham Hotspur 18:30

Sunday 9th

Prem. League – Arsenal v Liverpool 17:30

Prem. League – Everton v Manchester United 20:00

NFL GAME DAY – Wk 5 Book Now!

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers 15:30

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings 19:00

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills 19:00

Dallas Cowboys @ LA Rams 22:25 Please email for late reservations

Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals 22:25

RedZone 19:00

Tuesday 11th

Champion’s League – FC Copenhagen v Manchester City 18:45

Champion’s League – AC Milan v Chelsea 21:00

Champion’s League – Celtic v RB Leipzig 21:00

Champion’s League – Borussia Dortmund v Sevilla 21:00

Wednesday 12th

Champion’s League – Napoli v Ajax 18:45

Champion’s League – Atletico Madrid v Club Brugge 18:45

Champion’s League – Viktoria Plzeñ v FC Bayern München 21:00 Book Now!

Champion’s League – Rangers v Liverpool 21:00 Book Now!

Champion’s League – Tottenham Hotspur v Eintracht Frankfurt 21:00


Sunday 13th 

NFL GAME DAY – Wk 10 Book Now!

Munich Game – Seattle Seahawks @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 15:30

RedZone 19:00

FIFA World Cup 2022 21.11-18.12

Monday 21st

Senegal v Netherlands 11:00

England v Iran 14:00

Qatar v Ecuador 17:00

USA v Wales 20:00

Tuesday 22nd

Argentina v Saudi Arabia 11:00

Denmark v Tunisia 14:00

Mexico v Poland 17:00

France v Australia 20:00

Wednesday 23rd

Morocco v Croatia 11:00

Germany v Japan 14:00 Book Now!

Spain v Costa Rica 17:00

Belgium v Canada 20:00

Thursday 24th

Switzerland v Cameroon 11:00

Uruguay v South Korea 14:00

Portugal v Ghana 17:00

Brazil v Serbia 20:00

Friday 25th

Wales v Iran 11:00

Qatar v Senegal 14:00

Netherlands v Ecuador 17:00

England v USA 20:00

Saturday 26th

Tunisia v Australia 11:00

Poland v Saudi Arabia 14:00

France v Denmark 17:00

Argentina v Mexico 20:00

Sunday 27th

Japan v Costa Rica 11:00

Belgium v Morocco 14:00

Croatia v Canada 17:00

Spain v Germany 20:00 Book Now!

NFL GAME DAYWk 11 Book Now!

Monday 28th

Cameroon v Serbia 11:00

South Korea v Ghana 14:00

Brazil v Switzerland 17:00

Portugal v Uruguay 20:00

Tuesday 29th

Ecuador v Senegal 16:00

Netherlands v Qatar 16:00

Iran v USA 20:00

Wales v England 20:00 Book Now!

Wednesday 30th

Tunisia v France 16:00

Australia v Denmark 16:00

Poland v Argentina 20:00

Saudi Arabia v Mexico 20:00


FIFA World Cup 2022 21.11-18.12

Thursday 1st

Croatia v Belgium 16:00

Canada v Morocco 16:00

Japan v Spain 20:00

Costa Rica v Germany 20:00 Book Now!

Friday 2nd

South Korea v Portugal 16:00

Ghana v Uruguay 16:00

Serbia v Switzerland 20:00

Cameroon v Brazil 20:00

Round of 16 3.12-6.12

Quarter Finals 9/10.12

Semi Finals 13/14.12

Saturday 17th

3rd Place Playoff 16:00

Sunday 18th

World Cup Final 2022 16:00 Book Now!